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The organization

Sandefjord FrP is among the largest local teams of FrP in Vestfold and Telemark county municipality. The local team board is responsible for the activity in the local team, but also that Sandefjord FrP provides representation for the party's activities such as the county annual meeting, national and county assemblies, courses and meetings.


Sandefjord FrP has an active board that arranges activities for the members, this can be member meetings, courses, member trips, workshops and more ...  

The annual meeting is held in January every year, here it is important that our members stand. The activity, budget and plans for the coming year are presented here. Here, the local team's board is also elected.

We also participate with a strong delegation to the county annual meeting which is held in February, it is the annual meeting of Sandefjord FrP that elects delegates.

The local team board is also responsible for the nomination meeting, which will choose the final list for the municipal election. The annual meeting has adopted a nomination committee to present a proposal for a list.

The local team's board also collaborates with the municipal steering group on the activities in Sandefjord FrP.

Do you want more information about us or do you want to join the team?

Get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you :)

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