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We often hear from people when we talk to them that they have no idea about politics, that they are not interested in it. But what exactly is politics? The vast majority of people are actually interested in politics, people talk and discuss it far more often than they are aware of. Politics is nothing but what happens around us every single day. It's the road you drive on, it's the kindergarten, the playground, it's the tax you pay, yes, everything is really politics. Politics is what happens in society and around you.  

There is no education to become a politician, politicians are ordinary people who live in the immediate area, there are people who want to contribute to safeguarding and developing society. You often choose a party based on what you yourself think and think is right. You can choose to contribute with the organizational work in the party or you can choose to be on the list for the election. If you are elected, you are a political representative of the party.

It is time consuming to be elected, but exciting. There is a lot to get acquainted with and it is much more than sitting in meetings. People get in touch to talk about their issues, or inform about potholes, shortcomings in services and many other things that are happening in society. The vast majority of politicians spend their free time on this work. It is incredibly educational to be elected, you learn about society, various issues and how things are connected. You meet a lot of nice people along the way and make new acquaintances.

We elected representatives have been elected to take care of the policy we went to the polls on, what is often referred to as election promises. Today there are many parties to choose from, over time it has become a greater challenge for a party to get a majority, it often ends up that you have to cooperate with one or more parties. This means that it is difficult for a party to get approval for the policy they stand for, there is often a compromise or the fact that one of the parties does not get support for the case they want to be adopted. It can quickly be perceived as a breach of the election promise, and the people lose faith in the parties.

Therefore, it is important that we as elected representatives (politicians) speak clearly and clearly, we must have the backbone to stand for what we mean and what we have said. We must be honest about what we achieve and what we do not achieve.

We try every day to make changes that we believe are necessary, we do not always succeed, but we do not give up either.

Do you think a FrP politician lives in you, that you could imagine and contribute? Get in touch :)

Political meetings

In Sandefjord Municipality, we use the sample model. This means that we have four main committees, the chairmanship and the municipal council. The highest body in the municipality is the Municipal Council with its 45 representatives. The municipal council has delegated authority to the municipal director (ADM) and the chairmanship, which has 13 members, the chairmanship recommends to the municipal council. We have four main committees: Culture, Sports and Leisure (KIF), Health, Social and Care (HSO), Environment and Planning (MP) and Knowledge, Children and Young People (KBU) these committees also have 13 members.

Sandefjord FrP has representation in all committees, chairmanships and municipal councils. Decisions are made in almost 100 cases a month that affect different areas of the municipality.

You will find a lot of information on the municipality's website.  

You can also follow the political meetings digitally
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